Donald Mc Kenzie is speaking at Queen Mary, School of Business and Management seminars, next wednesday (17 February 2010) at 4 PM.

McKenzie’s work on sociology of financial markets and arbitrage as well as his concept of performative economics is the by-product of very interesting and serious scholarship. If you are not familiar with his work, you can have a look at this popular piece published in the LRB:

It is not only McKenzie who is interesting, but also the School of Business and Management people (Gerry Hanlon, Stefano Harney, Matteo Mandarini, Peter Fleming, Ishani Chandrasekara).¬†Sometimes people who organise and/or come to an event may be equally important. As in the case of yesterday’s talk given by Mark Fisher at Goldsmiths on Capitalist Realism ( I simply could not leave the pub after the event for hours…Blogosphere is great, but it can not be a substitute for exciting face-to-face intellectual engagement.